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How To Get Coached By London's #1 Personal Training Company run by the celebrity trainer Xenios Charalambous


Beginner to Advanced

The Goal

Full Body Transformation


12 Weeks


1-on-1 Physical and Online
What is it?

The 12-Week Transformation Program is a 1-on-1 personal training service offered by Xenios's and his coaches. It includes all the tools and knowledge you require to achieve your dream body.
Who is it for?

The 12-Week Transformation Program is for anyone who wants to take their body to the next level naturally using the latest scientific studies related to mindset, nutrition and workouts.
Where does it happen?

The 12-Week Transformation Program is 1-on-1 coaching service which currently runs in central London near Kings Cross station. The program runs online as well for people all around the world.
How does it work?

You watch the educational videos, you listen to the coaches, you follow the nutrition and the workouts using our proven system that transformed hundreds of people so far. 
When does it start?

The 12-Week Transformation Program starts the moment you enrol in. There are some measurements and tasks you need to do before the 1-on-1 sessions which we will guide you.
Why does it exist?

We created this service for people who not just looking for a temporary body transformation but for people who want to sustain their results while enjoying a good lifestyle.
Here's how it works
To transform your body and change your life, working out is not enough, you need a proven system.
The 12-Week Transformation Program focuses on mental reprogramming, flexibility, sustainability and enjoyability. 

Mental Reprogramming

Anyone can tell you that you need to go to the gym to transform your body although for how long are you are going to keep it consistent? In our program, we focus on teaching you how to be disciplined and how to rewire your brain and drop your old bad habits.


A great program needs to be flexible. What if you're travelling? What if a food is not available? What if your schedule suddenly change? With our program, we will teach you the principles of flexibility and how we can adjust it based on your lifestyle.


Everyone can follow a program, but very few can sustain it. In the 12-Week Transformation Program, you won't just transform your body, but you will also sustain your results using our proven process.


A great program needs to be enjoyable as well. We will teach you how you can eat the foods you love, at your times, no matter if it is a meal at your favourite restaurant or bar for a drink and still get amazing results.
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan based on your busy scheduled
  • Custom Workout Program designed according to your body and goal
  • Weekly Adjustments to ensure you're staying on the right track
  • 3x PT Sessions Per Week with Xenios or one of his coaches (depends what you choose)
  • Mobile Application exclusively only for members
  • All Required Supplements Covered
  • 1x Sports Massage Per Week to reduce fatigue, and relieve muscle swelling and tension
2x BodyScans
To professionally measure your fat, lean and bone mass
Initial Health Check
Expert private blood test and health check

Educational Course
Learn the logic of your workout and nutrition plan
Chef Service
For busy people who don't have time to cook
"Xenios is the best personal trainer I ever had, I have been working with him since October 2016, and within a short period we managed to achieve big changes after following his advice and instructions."
"About a year ago Xenios "bullied" me 😂 into eating properly and exercising hard. This is where it took me. I was lucky to find someone like Xenios who is knowledgeable and persistent, who managed to sort out my diet and attitude towards workouts."
"Before joining Xenios program, I used to struggle with self-confidence and motivation. I wasn't happy with my appearance and wasn't happy with my personal life until I discovered Xenios. His program has helped me to lose over 20 pounds of fat and helped me discover who I am as a person. His guidance with nutrition and training was truly professional, giving me step by step instructions on what to eat and how to train. Thank you Xenios for all your help man!"
"Today, as I near age 29, I am just saying that I have lost over 30kg and I have gained my confidence back. Thank you Xenios for helping gain my confidence back!"
"Working with Xenios I have found my self to think and act beyond what I thought it's possible for me! Working with him and get the results you have to be committed to doing three things: show up, work hard, listen to what he is saying"
"I am not sure where to start and where to finish. I am just shocked by the results I managed to achieve over the past few months. All thanks to Xenios knowledge for making the impossible, possible!"
"I was depressed, unhealthy, not happy with the way I look until I met Xenios. His 12 Weeks Transformation Programme helped me discover who I am as a person. His programme is not just a body transformation but "mindset" transformation as well."
"Getting into this shape in 3 months is just unbelievable. I tried many personal trainers and programs before but with Xenios's coaching and mentoring I am now able to sustain the results and enjoy my lifestyle."
I initially started with CrossFit, and after trying it for many months, I realised that I wasn't progressing and I wasn't happy with the results. I decided to start personal training because I wanted to increase my core strength, performance and gain more muscle. I train for over a year with Xenios, and I learned a lot of new techniques that I didn't know about. As a busy person, I don't have time to eat meals, and I didn't know how to structure my diet in a way that fits my busy schedule. I started with a macro based high calories diet which I found very hard at the first week, although after the first week I realised how easy and sustainable it is to follow it with Xenios's methods. Overall I gained a lot of strength, increase my upper body size and most importantly fix my core issues.
Head Of X-Factor London
I wasn't happy and overly comfortable with the way I looked, I put a fair bit of weight, and I wanted to get rid of that. I knew that in order to get my happiness back and feel more comfortable with the way I look, I needed to transform my body and drop my old habits. I decided to start personal training and get in the best shape of my life. As a busy individual, working as an actor, my biggest challenge was preparing and eating meals. I realised that nutrition is a huge factor when it comes to achieving great results. Xenios has taught me techniques and strategies that are specifically designed to help busy people just like me. I managed to implement the diet successfully and got some fantastic results in only a few months. Eventually, I gained nearly 5kg of muscle mass, lost a lot of fat in just six months.
I had a severe event to attend, and I had only three months to get in the best shape of my life. I am coming from a background of horrible habits, and I decided to take the challenge and join Xenios's hyper-exclusive 12-week program to accomplish the required physique for my event. I had no idea that it is possible to get such amazing results in just 12 weeks because I had worked with personal trainers and I kindly know how the experience is... Well after joining Xenios's program I realised that his approach is way different than any program I ever tried before. Is not just about the exercises, or the nutrition but also the mindset aspect that made me understood that I came to the right person. After getting directions on how to make my diet more sustainable, and even by following a fully personalised programme designed precisely for my situation, I managed to get amazing results in just 12 weeks and met the physique requirements of my deadline.
Serial Entrepreneur
I wanted to take my physique to the next level and learn advanced principles of nutrition and training as I was already training for five years without a personal trainer and try to do things on my own. I like to stay in shape because I want to look good in clothes, at the beach and most importantly because I value my health. As a real estate investor and a scientist, I work around 12 hours per day and my time is extremely limited so our challenge with Xenios was to find somehow a solution that will fit the perfect nutrition and training programme that will be according to my busy schedule. I tried many different methods before but by far what has worked best so far is what I learned from Xenios. I managed to successfully gain muscle mass, lose fat in just under 12 weeks. Now I have the proper knowledge, sustain the results and do it on my own. I would highly recommend Xenios to anyone who is looking to take their body to the next level.
Real Estate Investor
I started my fitness journey at 88kg and managed to get down to 70kg with Xenios's guidance. It is just unbelievable that I lost 18kgs so far as I tried many things before like intermittent fasting, the ketogenic diet, personal trainers, P90x and nothing lasted. I kept gaining the weight back until I started Xenios's approach. The fact that I can now sustain my results, enjoy my lifestyle and save the results going is what exactly I needed. I am now much stronger, much healthier and way more positive compared to what he was before. My advice for anyone who wants to start this is, If you don’t have a personalised nutrition plan that is exactly for you then all the training you do is just a waste of time. You also don’t need to spend 1-2 hours at the gym. 40-45 mins are enough.
Before I start working with Xenios, I was following free non-tailored programmes from the internet and getting advice from youtube. At the beginning, it worked although at some pointed I was overloaded with information and I didn't know what to follow as everyone was saying something different. I decided to join Xenios's program, and I realised how important it is to have professional guidance and a system designed for my individual needs. My biggest struggle was to find time to train and eat as I run multiple businesses. Working with Xenios's, I learned how to optimise my nutrition and workout programme in a way that fits my schedule. One of the things I liked about his system is the ability to eat the foods I love at the times that work best for my schedule. My advice for anyone is, If you put in the time and have everything clear for you, organise it then everything would be great.
Serial Entrepreneur
“I lost 8kgs on my 1st month...I never expected that!”
“I was 75kgs when I joined Xenios programme. Since then I have lost a lot of weight, became leaner and I learned a lot of information from him about the daily macros.”
“Joining Xenios's programme was the best thing that happened to me. I've gained 7kgs, added a lot of muscle mass and gained a lot of knowledge regarding structuring my meal and workout plan."
“Is not just the workout plan or the diet plan that I am mostly impressed with, is about his availability and the way he supports you during the programme”
Software Engineer
For super busy clients we provide a Chef Service!
As part of our premium personal training service, we understand how valuable your time is. Most of our clients are busy professionals or entrepreneurs with a very hectic schedule.

Our responsibility at Xenios Charalambous Fitness is to design for you highly personalised meal plans based on science which provide the precision, structure, and consistency to achieve your health and fitness goals.

We have solved this issue with a chef service dedicated only to our elite clients in central London. If you're a very busy person and you don't have time to cook, we are going to assign for you a personal chef that will do the grocery for you, cook and deliver the meals for you fresh every single day at your office or home. Our clients are saving at least 12 hours per week with our chef service.
This is how it works
What are the benefits of Personal Training?
Personal training is the real investment for health and wealth being. It ascertains your goals, reshapes your body, tightens muscles and keep your body firm. It also leads to a much-improved quality of life. Here are some of the benefits you will gain through my one to one training service.
Build Confidence
It can improve your body looks, feels, and daily body operation. It will help you build confidence and attain your desired goals. Human beings are capable of greatness and engaging in one to one training will help you develop positivity, encouragement, and understanding.
Health, Nutrition and Fitness
There is an overwhelming amount of fresh new perspective, fitness, nutrition and health information available. You will stay on top of health trends and continue your health education, and it will provide you with the safest and most accurate information in the fitness industry. We will give you information, knowledge through our 10+ years experience, tips, and tricks on how to develop a healthier lifestyle. We will take care of your health and well-being that will be accountable for your overall health status, physically and nutritionally.
Workouts That Fit Your Needs
Anyone can follow the workouts with women’s health, men’s health, shape, men’s fitness or any other magazine. There are cookie cutters programs that do not take into account the difference between individuals that make them unique. Before our sessions, we will provide you with a personalised training plan based on your specific goals, time devoted to exercise, social support, and your current mental state. We will be able to achieve your desires using less time since there are no restrictions.
Time is the most valuable and significant factor. I am assured of getting results that are more effective and efficient to have to spend less time as well. Joining our program, we will ensure that we make the most of the exercise time and most of the workout routines will be designed to bring you results at the shortest possible time.
Motivation and Accountability
It can hold you accountable, realistically develop your personal goals and design an achievable plan to attain your desired goals. Believing in yourself even at the lowest or at your weakest point is the secret to success. We will motivate and help you to hold accountability despite your personal feelings.
Proper Technique and Form
Watching youtube videos and reading fitness magazines will not help as much than having one to one training which provides you with immediate feedback on the proper technique and form. We will pay attention to your mind, body and help you achieve your desired goals more quickly. One to One training helps much to be keen, improve posture, increase strength and proper muscle development and make a mind-body connection.
Xenios Charalambous
Celebrity Personal Trainer
Everyone can follow a program, very few can sustain it.
  •  Guest speaker at Mario Tomic event in central London
  •  Interviewed on "Gia Sena" on national TV
  •  Worked with Yasmine-Al-Bustami for various movies, including the music video "Surefire by John Legend."
  •  Reached and helped over 11 million people on youtube with free fitness educational videos
  •  Mentors personal trainers on how to coach clients and grow their business
  •  Is being followed on social media by over 250,000 people worldwide
  •  Dropped out of university to start his personal training business
Known For
  •  Ex-professional call of duty player 
  •  Worlds most popular body transformation story with over 6+ million viewers
  •  Successfully completed a 2 years special forces training
  •  Author of 2 books
  •  Featured on NoTimeWasted for his "journey to greatness."
  •  Works with clients that work for Barclays, Amazon, Google, Point72, Morgan Stanley and Capco
  •  Runs the most exclusive personal training service in London
Can you guarantee my results?
If you follow exactly everything that we will tell you to do, you log everything, you stay accountable, and you keep everything consistent daily then yes, is almost impossible not to see results unless you have any health issues which we will examine before the start of the program.
Where are you going to train me?
Xenios and his coaches are currently located at Urban Kings Gym as shown on google maps above. For clients who require an entirely private experience we have another private gym just 7 minutes walk from Kings Cross station, or we can travel to your private house gym.
How often are we going to train per week?
The minimum number of times that we currently do with all our clients is 3x per week for a duration of 12 Weeks. We don't accept anyone to join for 1x or 2x per week as you won't see any noticeable results. At Xenios Charalambous Fitness we focus, deliver and promise you results.
Can you give me advice for a diet?
Yes, a personalised nutrition plan is also included with the program. You will be forced to follow it as is a MUST if you want to achieve some good results. We will even provide you with an 8-weeks course which teaches you the logic and fundamentals of a sustainable nutrition plan.
How do I book a session with you?
You will have your 3 standard reserved days and times on our timetable, and you will need to attend those days and times. In case you're busy with work or have some other unexpected appointments, you will need to inform Xenios or one of our coaches within 48 hours prior the scheduled session or 2 weeks in advance if you're traveling abroad.
How much each session cost?
At Xenios Charalambous Fitness we don't charge per session, either per hour. We run a 12-Week program that includes a personalised nutrition plan, customised workout program, an 8-weeks educational course, 2x DEXA scans, 1-on-1 private sessions, a private chef assigned to you, 24/7 support and many more. We will suggest you to book a free consultation to find out more about our pricing.
Do you offer trial sessions?
Yes, we do offer a trial session only to clients that want to work with one of Xenios's coaches. A refundable deposit will be required.
I am traveling to London for a few days, and I want to work with you. Is it possible?
Yes, we will recommend you to book a free consultation call and we will quote you a price based on the days you want to get coached.
What if I don't live in London and still want you to coach me?
We will still recommend you to apply as we offer a service that Xenios flies to your country. If you still want to work with Xenios but you don't live in London then we will give you more information about the "UpLevel Coaching" program. Book a free consultation call to find out more.
We are located just 1-min walk from Kings Cross Station
If you have any questions or concerns about the program, please contact us.

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