I will mentor and train you for the next 12 weeks, so that YOU can make 2019 the year you...
How To Meet Me In Person And Get My Help Face To Face
Currently, Xenios personal training sessions take place at Urban Kings gym which is a prestigious 5-star luxury gym in the heart of London. As you can see from google maps, the gym is located next to Kings Cross station. The open hours are from Monday to Friday at 06:30am to 10:00pm and Saturday and Sunday at 09:00am to 04:00pm.

  • Personalised Nutrition Plan based on your busy scheduled
  • Custom Workout Program designed according your body and goal
  • Weekly Adjustments to ensure you're staying on the right track
  • 3x Sessions Per Week Coaching & Mentoring one-to-one sessions with Xenios
  • Mobile Application exclusively only for members
  • All Required Supplements Covered
  • 1x Sport Massage Per Week to reduce fatigue, and relieve muscle swelling and tension
2x BodyScans
To professionally measure your fat, lean and bone mass
Initial MediCheck
Expert private blood test and health check

Educational Course
Learn the logic of your workout and nutrition plan
Chef Service
For busy people who don't have time to cook
"Xenios is the best personal trainer I ever had, I have been working with him since October 2016 and within a short period of time we managed to achieve big changes after following his advices and instructions"
"About a year ago Xenios "bullied" me 😂 into eating properly and exercising hard. This is where it took me.  I was lucky to find someone like Xenios who is  knowledgeable and persistent, who managed to sort out my diet and attitude towards workouts."
"Today, as I near age 29, I am just saying that I have lost over 30kg and I have gained my confidence back. Thank you Xenios for helping gain my confidence back!"
"Working with Xenios I have found my self to think and act beyond what I thought is possible for me! Working with him and get resolute you have to be committed to do 3 things: show up, work hard, listen what he is saying"
**Results may vary from person to person**
"I am not sure where to start and where to finish. I am just shocked with the results I managed to achieve over the past few months. All thanks to Xenios knowledge for making the impossible, possible!"
"I was depressed, unhealthy, not happy with the way I look until I met Xenios. His 12 Weeks Transformation Programme helped me discover who I really am as a person. His programme is not just a body transformation but "mindset" transformation as well."
Only a small number of people who fill in the application will get to move on to the interview stage.
The following people WILL NOT be accepted:
  • People who don't take action and procrastinate.
  •  People who are not serious about getting results.
  •  People who not willing to drop their bad habits.
  •  People who are looking to have a personal trainer as their "friend" at the gym without doing the actual work.
  •  People who are looking for average personal training sessions. 
Xenios and his coaches work only with:
  • People with high goals in life that value time more than money. 
  •  People who are open to accept help and drop their bad habits that have kept them back from getting in a top shape. 
  •  People who are able to follow and implement a working 1:1 system and stay on the ball constantly to earn their dream body. 
  •  People who have the desire to truly bring a profound change in their health, appearance, and quality of life, NOT just to "lose a few pounds" and then gain it all back... 
  •  People who are hardcore action takers and are serious about their health and results. 
    How The Personal Training Sessions Look Like
    Each session with Xenios clients can be fun but can also be hell. Xenios is very clear from the beginning with every single client that the reason they are here is to put in some serious work in order to get the results that they want in the fastest possible time.

    The goal is not just to get you in shape, but also to educate you regarding the correct lifting technique and the right foods that your body requires based on your fitness goal.

    The best way to get a taste of the sessions is to watch the following video which a part of a series featuring some Xenios one-to-one exclusive personal training clients in central London where they are going to talk about their experience working with me and also share some of their tips to success. 
    - MEET JACK - Actor
    Jack wasn't happy and overly comfortable with the way he looked, he put a fair bit of weight and wanted to get rid of that.

    He knew that in order to get his happiness back and feel more comfortable with the he looks, he needed to transform his body.

    So he decided to start personal training and get in the best shape of his life.

    Jack as a busy individual, working as an actor, his biggest challenge was preparing and eating the meals. Nutrition is extremely important if you want to take your results to the next level.
    By following my techniques and strategies which are specifically designed to help busy people like Jack, we managed to implement successfully the diet and get some amazing results.

    Eventually he gained around 5kg of muscle mass, lost a lot of fat in a period of 6 months. This is what Jack told me:
    - MEET PEZ - Serial Entrepreneur 
    Pez had a very serious event to attend had 3 months to get in the best shape of his life.

    Coming from a background of bad habits, Pez decided to take the challenge and join the 12-Week Transformation to accomplish the required physique for his event. 

    After following a macro-based nutrition plan and a fully personalised programme designed for exactly based on him, we managed to amazing results in just 12 weeks and meet the physique requirements for his deadline. This is how he described his experience working with me:
    - MEET ADAM - Head of X-Factor
    Adam initially started with crossfit and after trying it for many months he realised that he wasn't progressing and wasn't happy with the results. 

    He started personal training with me because he wanted to increase his core strength, performance and gain more muscle. Adam is training over 1 year with me and he learned a lot of new techniques that he didn't know about.

    As a busy person he doesn't have time to eat meals and didn't know how to structure his diet in a way that fits his busy schedule. We started with a macro based high calories diet which he found very hard to consume the first week because he wasn't adapting into this lifestyle, although after the first week he realised how easy it is.

    Overall he has gained a lot strength, increase his size on his upper body and most importantly he has a solid core. This is what he said:
    - MEET ISH - Real Estate Investor
    Ish, wanted to take his physique to the next level and learn advanced principles of nutrition and training as he was already training for 5 years without a personal trainer.

    He likes to stay in shape because he likes to look good in clothes and most importantly because is healthy. As a serial entrepreneur and scientist he is working a lot of hours and his time is very limited so our challenge was to somehow design the right nutrition and training programme that will be according to his busy schedule.

    We managed to do it successfully and Ish was shocked with the results. This is what Ish said about me:
    There's nothing wrong working out by yourself but if you don't know what you're doing, you're going to waste a lot of time getting where you want to be. 

    By having a professional trainer and an authority fitness expert like myself you can accomplish your goals in much shorter amount of time as you will know exactly what to do from day 1.

    Over the past 4 years I've helped over a thousand people around the world transform their physique and change their overall life.
    Exclusive Members Only Mobile Application
    One of the benefits working with me is my innovating mobile application. My mobile application is supported on both iPhone and Android and is available exclusively only for my clients. With the mobile application my clients can view their nutrition plan, view their workout plan, view their booked sessions with me and take advantage of many other features. The reason I developed this application, is to have informative accountability with my clients but most importantly to make the experience unique and professional.

    Personalised Nutrition Plan

    As a client of mine you will be benefited from the personalised nutrition plan which is designed specifically based on your age, height, weight, activity level and goal. Any foods that you don't like or any allergies you have are taken into consideration and they are not included in the diet plan.

    Personalised Workout Programme

    Designed according to your body and goal. Either your goal is to increase your strength, endurance or you either train for a sport e.g football, basketball, rugby. With my app you will be able to train alone in case you want to workout extra hours per week without me.

    Personalised To Your Busy Schedule

    Diet and Workout Program is designed based on your daily schedule. Either you run your own business, either you work at a 9:00am to 5:00pm job, either being a University student, I will create the flexibility and the correct timing for your meals.

    Detailed Logs

    Everything that we will be doing at our private one-to-one sessions will be logged in the application so you will be able to see exactly what did. I am currently the only trainer in London that provides and shares the logs with the client.

    24/7 Chat Support

    Built-in 24/7 chat support from my application! You may be at a restaurant and need a quick alternative meal to meet your goals, by messaging me from the app, you will get an instant replacement of your meal and still meet your fitness goal!

    Client Dashboard and Accountability

    You will have your own profile which you will be able to view your booked sessions, our workout logs in detail, nutrition logs, progress photos, measurements, and the remaining private sessions left from the package you bought.
    For super busy clients we provide a Chef Service!
    One of the problems w've noticed over the past few years working with clients, was the lack of following the meal plan due to a very busy schedule during the day. 

    Well, we have solved this issue with a chef service dedicated only to our clients in central London. Apart from the exclusive one-to-one sessions, if you're a very busy person and you don't have time to cook, we are going to assign for you a personal chef that will cook and deliver the meals for you fresh every single day at your office or home.

    This is now possible with the loyal partnership we have with a company in central London which is the most prestigious meal prep company offering fresh and quality food. The diet plan is designed by Xenios and is customised based on your body and fitness goal. Then is prepared by our expert chefs and delivered daily to your home or office in a cooler bag.
    What are the benefits of Personal Training?
    Personal training is the real investment for health and wealth being. It ascertains your goals, reshape your body, tighten muscles and keep your body firm. It also leads to a much-improved quality of life. Here are some of the benefits you will gain through my one to one training service.
    Build Confidence

    I can improve your body looks, feels, and daily body operation. It will help you build confidence and attain your desired goals. Human beings are capable of greatness and engaging in one to one training will help you develop positivity, encouragement and understanding.

    Health, Nutrition and Fitness

    There is an overwhelming amount of fresh new perspective, fitness, nutrition and health information available. You will stay on top of health trends and continue your health education and I will provide you the safest and most accurate information in the fitness industry. I will give you information, knowledge through my 8 years experience, tips and tricks on how to develop a healthier lifestyle. I will take care for your health and well-being that will be accountable for your overall health status, physically and nutritionally.

    Workouts That Fit Your Individual Needs

    Anyone can follow the workouts with women’s health, men’s health, shape, men’s fitness or any other magazine. There are cookie cutters programs that do not take into account difference between individuals that make them unique. Before our sessions I will provide you a personalised training plan based on your specific goals, time devoted to exercise, social support, and your current mental state. I will be able to achieve your desires using less time since there are no restrictions.

    Time is the most valuable and significant factor. I am assured of getting results that are more effective and efficient have to spend less time as well. Hiring me as your trainer I will ensure that I make the most of the exercise timely and most of the workout routines will be designed to bring you results at the shortest possible time.

    Motivation and Accountability

    I can hold on your responsibility, develop your personal goals in a realistic way and design an achievable plan to attain your desired goals. Believing in yourself even at the lowest or at your weakest point is the secret to success. I will motivate and help you to hold accountability despite your personal feelings.

    Proper Technique and Form

    Watching youtube videos and reading fitness magazines will not help as much than having one to one training which provides you with the immediate feedback on the proper technique and form. I will pay attention to your mind, body and help you achieve your desired goals more quickly. One to One training helps much to be keen, improve posture, increase strength and proper muscle development and make a mind-body connection.
    This was a part of my public speech, appearing as a special guest at a business / health and fitness event in central London. I talked briefly about my story on how I managed to achieve happiness by following my passion. 
    I am not encouraging anyone to drop out of university without having a plan. The only reason I dropped out of university is because I had a plan, including a backup plan of the plan in case something goes wrong. My success is based on persistence, not luck. Four years ago I lost my girlfriend, lost all my friends and fell into massive depression. Living alone for the past 4 years, I managed to discover myself and find my life purpose. While everyone else is partying and watching TV, I am here working, building my businesses and helping thousands of people achieving their goals. Getting where I am now, it wasn't easy. The amount of failures I had and still have are endless, however what separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate. 
    If you have any questions or concerns about the program please contact us.

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